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truckThe mission of the Tri-State Alliance is to convene the region’s leaders to address issues that affect commerce so that the quality of life is improved for the region of Northern Illinois, Northeastern Iowa, and Southwestern Wisconsin.


The Tri-State region can be in a stronger position to assist their leaders and elected officials with needed priorities by working together to build a common plan for:

  • 4 lane divided highways
  • passenger and commuter rail
  • broadband
  • rivers


The region includes three major cities as anchors- Dubuque, IA, Janesville, WI and Rockford, IL. All the border counties, cities and villages between these three states are part of the planning area.

As Janesville and Rockford welcome the western edge of Chicago development, the time has come to work with the communities to the north, south and west to plan for further growth. As agriculture and alternative energy distribution become central to a prosperous region the leaders of the region understand how their futures are intertwined. Advocacy for transportation planning is key to a region’s ability to participate in the ever growing global supply chain for goods and services.


A working group of economic development leaders from the three states, members and sponsors of the Tri-State Alliance include: